UGS set up with Fusion 360

I apologize if this has been discussed previously. I’m just getting UGS set up, using 1.0.9. Its talking to the machine, but I’m about to post process my files from Fusion 360. My question is, do I use the generic Grbl post processor or the Tiny G post processor? I have seen mention of the removal of the G28 command, is this necessary with the version of UGS that I’m using? Thank you in advance for the help.

I use the easel one that inventables provides. It works great.

Do you have a GRBL controller or a Tiny G. That will determine which one to use.

If you have the standard Arduino-GRBL or the X-Controller then use the GRBL post processor. If you have Tiny G, then use the Tiny G post.

I thought that Peter, but I have read guys using either with the Grbl controller that ships with the stock X Carve. I have an older one I picked up used. But may switch over to the x controller.

Thanks Bret. Which version of UGS are you using?

1.0.9. It has its quirks, like never use the return to zero Button and thinking it’s in mm setting when the inch radio button is selected . But it works well once you learn the quirks