UGS software

When 3018 pro is connected to computer USB - UGS indicates alarm, can you advise on solution.
Pressing reset button returns to alarm condition. 3018 pro is dead. I have installed ch340 driver and offline module is disconnected.

Try pressing the $H-button in the UGS interface.

When I open UGS up I have to press $X to get it to engage.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (

To elaborate further:

When the machine is powered up it dont know where it is positioned relative to the axis extremes.
When GRBL parameter $22=1 homing is enabled. (homing = establishing machine zero)

As a caution, if homing is enabled the controller wake up into an alarm state as a notification that machine zero have not yet been set.

  • If you for some reason dont want to, send $X to clear the alarm state, machine will remain at current position
  • If you want to (really recommended), send $H which clear the alarm state by doing a homing cycle

When a homing cycle is done, machine zero is established. This allow one to have a consistent work zero and using the two available parking spots G28 and G30.

Since work zero and G28/G30 are stored in persistent memory as an offset value relative to machine zero these points will be consistent next time you power machine up & re-home ($H).
Or if the carve fail and you loose machine position, a re-home and Use last work zero will realign machine to material location.