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UGS - Universal Gcode Sender Link

For those of you wanting to keep up with the latest version of UGS, this is the direct link to the downloadable zip file:

Universal Gcode Sender

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Thanks for posting Bill

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Here’s an update direct from the developer for those who have heard about UGS having an issue with large gcode files:

“As of ~2 weeks ago, UGS can handle any sized gcode file. Gcode now get
preprocessed, saved back to the disk, then streamed from the disk.
Previously the whole file was stored in memory which is bad news for
giant laser files and computers with very little ram.”

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Copying my message over from the Carvey’s thread, since I think it’s related. This one is about my experience with Carvey.

I just tried UGCS, however, it seems it does not recognize Carvey’s firmware. Whenever I try to send a command to Carvey it says “Grbl has not finished booting”. I believe I connected successfully to the machine, because I’m able to see the prompt:

**** Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud ****

gCarvin 1.1.5 ['$' for help]
GrblFeedbackMessage{message='['$H'|'$X' to unlock]', distanceMode='null', units='null'}

I think this “gCarvin 1.1.5” is what confuses UGCS, as it probably expects some GRBL id. I just hope we will get some official howto from Inventables on this, because what Easel really misses (and is what I’ve hit just after 1 week of using it) is the ability to carve 2.5D figures (like a half sphere). I mean you can do it, kind of, by manually making a lot of layers of circles, but it too painful. It’s a great device, but we desperately need a good tool like Fusion 360 (which is also free for startups/students).

Try sending the $X command to unlock

I don’t know much about Carvey but, reading through the FAQs, it says “As long as your program can export standard G-code and you have a G-code sender it will work with Carvey.” UGS is a gcode sender, to it should work. Have you been in contact with Inventables support? They are great!!!

did you get this working with carvey? I tried the post processor that uses easel gcode import. seems to work. however I’m having issues with the z-axe. I get air-cutting.

Had the same issue with air-cutting the last time I tried it. Right now, I hope to overcome it somehow using 3D model of the wasteboard from this post:

I only do fairly simple carving for now so it was not the paramount for me to get F360 working with Carvey, but I will try to experiment with it again soon.

I overcommed the aircuts. I did’t know but the object top must be z=0 in fusion:

Thanks for letting me know! Will try to adjust my projects correspondingly.

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Don’t think everyone knows it, but you are correct:

Actions that will void this Warranty
*Use of any non­Easel software or any software provided by a third party to directly control the

so any gcodesender other that easel voids warrenty on carvey.
However as long as you use easel to import gcode you can use fusion, vcarve etc.

So, basically this means that there is no warranty on the Carvey as grbl is not Easel software, it certainly directly controls the machine.