UGS v2 questions

I just started running UGS v2, and after playing around with it for a while, I have questions.

#1 How do I zero out the machine home. I have homing switches, but cannot set zero.

#2 How do make a macro. In the previous version, there was a code entry line.

Macros are in the Options for the Platform. There’s a UGS tab then a macro. Once you enter in more than what’s listed, it adds more lines. I can post a screen capture in a bit.

Found it. Thanks.
It was actually under ugsplatform>preferences>ugs

Any suggestions for questions #1?

There should be a button to do that. It’s in the set of buttons for Home and such. “Reset Zero”.

The “Return to Zero” button only zeros out the work position (large digits on top) not the machine position (small numbers on bottom).

I want the machine to know it is at machine home 0,0,0. When the jig is set up on the table at work position 0,0,0 ; you will know the exact offset from machine home by reading the smaller digits.

Right now I can get it to show machine home 0,0,0 when I first start UGS but as soon as I connect to the controller, it loads previous values.
Machine Zero on Start of UGS

As soon as I connect, this what it looks like.
Machine Zero After Connection

I cannot get the smaller numbers to read 0,0,0 again.

Not “Return to Zero” but “Reset Zero”. Reset should update your offsets.

I use a probe script so not sure how to manually do it.

This is what happens when I press Reset Zero. I need the small numbers to zero out when I am at machine home. It never does.
Reset Zero

So you’re at machine zero and the numbers don’t show zero?

That might mean that you’ve got a G54 offset loaded from a previous zero. If you do a “$#” it’ll show any offsets that are stored in EEPROM.

That is correct. I am at physical machine zero and the values look like this.
Machine Zero After Connection

When I looked at $#, this what I found [G54:-20.5630,-23.6047,-0.3740]. This is an offset to my current work position zero using the machine home values as listed in the photo.

Try this, enter “G55” in the console and see if the numbers line up at machine zero. That should switch to a coordinate system that doesn’t have an offset saved. Make sure you enter in “G54” to switch back.

Did you get this sorted out? I’m trying to figure out how to reset home zero as well.

Yeah so I see the offset in mine, how do I change it to become 0,0,0… mine has the machine zero G54:-789,-789,-1

I can reset the work piece zero no problem.

also the machine status is showing in mm vs inches… but when I jog the machine in does move in inches

ok I found an easy work around. I homed the machine. I ran the EASEL setup, went thru all the steps machine selection… dust boot… bla bla… and then closed out EASEL then went back to USG and the machine zero was set correctly when homed…

so now my machine zero is lower left of my waste board. Hope that helps

when i go look at my G54 it does show a 0,0,0 setting

oh and inches displayed is a setting in in firmware $13 must be high (equal to 1)