UK X-Carve owners

Hi all, first post here, I am waiting for the delivery of my X-Carve which hopefully will be here at the end of Feb. I am currently making a box for a friends wedding and do not think I will receive the X-Carve in time. Is there any X-Carve owners near W London who (For a Beer) would be able to help me out and carve a project for me?

all there best Ian

I’m in UK and would be more than happy to help if you can’t find anyone nearer. I’m in Lincolnshire

Mark many thanks a fantastic offer, I may see if there is anyone closer before getting back to you, just can’t wait to get the X-Carve and start using it.


I’m in the UK but in Leicestershire.

Have you drawn up what your looking for in Easel?

Yes it is here (don’t laugh its very simple)

I am making a memory box out of reclaimed ash for them.

you going to have an issue with the tool path and the text. Currently using the 1/16th bit it won’t cut a lot of your text.

You’ll need to either increase the size of the text until the 1/16th bit can cut everything or use a smaller bit. The simulate tool is a really big help for checking your design.

OK many thanks for that, I will play around with it, I am trying to learn as much as I can before I get the machine.

I wondered what all the blue lines were for lol, I think this is better.

It looks like you are still missing some small parts of your cursive r’s, b, and h.

Cheers! Off to the Newbury Lion.

You could try to use the two stage carve with the first cut with a 1/16 bit and then get the details with a 1/32 bit.

Just outside bristol

Jack you are the closest by far, would you be available soon?

I have a 500 mm machine. The size you posted should be ok. I think you would need to send me the wood but I would happily carve this for you.
email me

Or better still, come and do it yourself. London is only about 1 1/2 hrs away

Jack that sounds brilliant, if you let me know when you are free and PM me your details I could pop down. I had the choice of getting other CNC Routers but the main reason for the X-Carve was the brilliant forum and backup, just goes to show I made the right choice.

send me an email to and I will email you details of how to get to me