Ukulele Exhibition in Honolulu

Hello Everyone,

Every November our organization (Ukulele Guild of Hawaii) hosts a public event which Ukulele Luthier’s from around the world attend. This event is in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I just wanted to drop a line in here to anyone who might be interested in the event. Cost to attend is free. There is a fee to display your work. Buyers from all over the world also attend the event. There are also workshops during the event. Of which, I lugged my 1000x1000 XCarve to the most recent exhibition to do a 1 hour seminar about the machine. (I probably won’t be doing that again :slight_smile: )

Drop a line for more info!


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How big is the attendance of this event? What are the dates?


Our most recent event was visited by approx 10k people. We were inside a very prominent hotel with a lot of foot traffic,

As far as dates, we don’t have the specific date pinpointed yet, however it is normally the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

Thanks, I’ll keep it on the radar and see if I can get the boss to make it a business trip.

The exhibition is planned for November 17,18, 19. If any of you are interested in attending or exhibiting your Ukulele, let me know. I will give you more details.


Shoot. Looks like I will need to make some Uks. My parents live there… another reason to go visit the great state of Hawaii.

Close to Punchbowl Cemetery.

Sure thing. I love that place. Been 5 years since I have been there. I love the locals where my parents live. Really great people. My stepmother affectionately refers to my children as her little “haole”.

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Nothing on Oahu is very far. Miles wise that is. Time wise…that’s another story…lol