Ukulele templates/plans

Hey I looked around on the good ol’ google machine but I wanted some first hand experienced advice.

Where is the best place to find a set of ukulele plans? I would mind getting some digital files as well.

I did find some a while back but they weren’t the greatest quality and not sure how great they are.

Hey Rusty,

Here’s a good place to start for full size paper plans:

Hope this helps!

Awesome thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. There so much to wade through out there. I haven’t built a ukulele before (well any instrument actually) so I’m a bit intimidated, but this should help!

Thanks again!

cncrouterparts did a youtube video on making one…and I think they have the free plans on thingaverse…under the same name…just look up that project.

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Awesome, will do, thanks!

Consider Georgia Luthier Supply. I have both the Hana Lima Ia and the Georgia set. Both are great (build from both in the beginning) with a nod to the Georgia set for crazy detail.

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