Ultimate Dust Boot Files

Peter The New Brit Workshop was kind enough to share his files for the Ultimate Dust Boot, however I have no way of utilizing the files as I do not have Vcarve. I need to know if there is someone on this forum that can change the crv files to an SVG so that I can use Easel or UGC sender to cut his files out?


I am in the same boat. His dust boot looks very well thought out, and I’d like to build one for myself. I also don’t have vcarve…yet

ask him to send you the gcode instead of vcarve files, or ask anyone here with vcarve to generate the gcode for you.


whats the dust guard look like?

I believe the original thread also included a dwg file. Open it in a free CAD program like DraftSight, save as a DXF, open in free vector graphics program like Inkscape then save as SVG.

hi Patrick I have 3 files for the boot , why the three it a big file but can’t for life of me fig out how copy and paste each file here they end in .nc extension , I just import to easel

SB3 - Outside.nc (186.3 KB)SB3 - Bristle Channel.nc (145.8 KB)SB3 - Both Holes.nc (146.6 KB)

try them

I saved the vectors as SVG. I will try to post them here.
(hmm it keeps converting the SVG to PNG. I will put them up in a zip file too)
Static Boot.zip (2.2 KB)

Preview Pic:

Preview Pic:


Thanks that is just what I needed. Now I can get to making a dust boot for my Xcarve.

Thanks again,