Ultimate Upgrade Kit Troubleshooting Help CNC4Newbie

Recently I finished assembling the Ultimate Upgrade Kit from CNC4Newbie after finally pulling the trigger on a upgrade for my 2015 X Carve. As a first impression I was dead impressed with the kit, anyone who has looked into them will be aware of just how much of an improvement over the X Carve it is in terms of rigidity and precision.

Their assembly instructions are underwhelming, and if you are thinking of going for the kit I would strongly suggest opting for the wiring kit rather than using your own as your preexisting connector blocks don’t align with the holes for the CNC4Newbie ones. I would also suggest opting for the Demon Controller, which leads me to my current situation:

I have wired the machine to my newly purchased X Controller as a replacement to the Arduino & G-Shield, I loaded into Easel and all went well aside from needing to invert the Y Axis. Next was to configure the machine’s GRBL settings (totally new to me, but simple enough). The Ultimate Upgrade Kit comes with recommended GRBL settings, I inputted these into Easel and it all went to sh**. My Y axis was bound as the motors span the wrong way, my Z axis moves instead of my X axis, and the machine cuts out right after any sort of movement.

Does anyone have a clue as to what might have happened? I am at a loss. The guy in this video uses an X Controller and had no such issues, sadly he omits the wiring part. Ultimate Kit Upgrade For X-Carve by CNC4Newbie - YouTube

Are you reusing the stepper motors from your X-Carve or did you purchase some from CNC4Newbie?

If your Y-Axis is not moving and the steppers sound like they are about to rip themselves apart then, you likely do not have the steppers wired correctly. If you have a multimeter handy, you can verify the coil pairs of the stepper (A1 & A2: B1 & B2). If you set the multimeter to read ohms, you can put the probes across the wires until you find each pair that gives a resistance value. Jot down the pairs or color combinations and match this up to the instructions for wiring the X-Controller.

If your X-axis moves when you press the button for the X-Axis then, you likely have the connections swapped at the controller.