Un-combing shapes so mods can be made

I have a design that has combined shapes (not an easy thing to do by the way) and I wish to un or de combine them as I need to make some changes.
So far no information on this anywhere is available.
I really do not want to start completely over because it was not an easy design to make to start with because of internal details that would not combine at all.

What program was your design done with. Sketchup has the capability to un-combine objects that are created in that program. I’m not certain about other software though.

Agreed, it depends on the software you are using.

Sometimes it depends on the terminology used. In Vcarve, it’s group or ungroup objects.

I was using Easel because, for some reason I cannot figure Sketchup out, so I just started over.
Ever since I experienced the heart and lung machine I seem to have problems where I never did. Learning software is one of them.