Unable to Calibrate new x-carve

Just finished up assembly on the new x-carve. Logged into easel and attempted to do the machine set up.

Computer (mac) is communicating with the machine.
Firmware up to date
Fresh driver download
Tried two USB cables


completely new to x-carve/easel so any advice would be appreciated. Tomorrow is my only day off and id hate to not be able to play around with my new $2000 paper weight

What’s not working?
You’re connected, but…?

I select machine set up in easel, it re-routs to another web page and nothing…only shows a tab for the instructions. It does not give me any calibration options…sorry i did not specify

I just setup my x-carve yesterday…have no idea what the re-route to another page is, but it did take an unpleasantly long time for the computer to talk to the x-controller. I realized that I did not have the “power” lights on, so ensure that the E-stop is not depressed and that you have the power lights on the x-controller before trying to complete the machine setup.

The issue i’m having is getting the z-probe to calibrate. ;(