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Unable to carve pocket from svg file

Hello, I’m importing an svg file with multiple shapes into Easel and it won’t let me change the cut type to “cut out pocket” for any of them. Each shape is made up of a ton of segments. What am I doing wrong?

If it makes a difference…I made the svg file by using an online converter with a dwg. file exported from Sketchup.

The lines need to be closed, if you have open paths then Easel will not be able to pocket cut it. You will need to take it into a design program like InkScape and join the lines

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if you post the file we can take a look (zip it or discourse will eat the svg)

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I got InkScape but can’t figure out how to join the lines…how do I do it?

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Here it is! I opened it in InkScape and tried to figure out how to join groups of lines and “locked” one of the circles…no idea if that’s moving in the right direction.

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Here ya go.

fixed SVG

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Thank you!!!

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