Unable to get xcarve to move

I have been struggling at this for about 4 hours now.

I installed Arduino software.
I select Com port 4
it is reflecting the same in device manager. I changed the baud rate to 115200 as another post said.
I then go into Easel and try and configure the machine and it will not move.
I select serial monitor in the arduino software and that doesnt help either.
Tried changing the port to 20 and no dice.

I was reading something about a hex file to upload it with xloader? I dont know much about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes the green light is on


You should have a blue LED and three green LEDs lit up on the gShield when you first power up the machine.

Is this what you have?

I have 2 green lights and 1 blue.

During normal operation of the machine the green LEDs will turn on and off. When you first power up the machine they should all be on.

Check the wiring on the axis that doesn’t have the LED lit up and see if you can find a loose wire or one that is shorting to its neighbor.

I had a similar problem. I got an OLD laptop driving my XC using UGS.
I decided to use easel on it as well so I could do quick design projects on the cut laptop.
But when I installed Easel local the cut laptop it could no longer connect to the controller!
It was still showing up on COM 4 but UGS could not see it nor could Easel.
I uninstalled easel local and UGS started working again.
My guess is there is some kind of COM port sharing conflict with Easel local?
I have not had a chance to troubleshoot it.

I have seen other posts where people had to use a older copy of Easel local for their machine.
It may be worth checking into

Sorry for late follow up but the Gshield 1 pin over and not seeded all the way correctly.

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