Unable to import DXF/SVG into Easel correctly

Hello All,

I’m trying get this file properly imported into Easel, but I’m having trouble.

I have tried to use Inkscape to convert the DXF to SVG, and then import into Easel. I have also tried to convert the DXF to SVG using online converters, but having similar issues.

Basically, the issue I’m having is that Easel imports the SVG, however I’m unable to set the profile and pocket cuts, etc.

I’m attaching both the DXF and the SVG. Can someone try to get this imported correctly into Easel, and let me know why it may not be working for me?

BTW, the correct dimensions of the wrench in the DXF design would be 146mmx25mm.

Wrench.dxf (28.3 KB)

Thanks for your time.



WRENCH.ai (42.2 KB)
WRENCH.pdf (45.1 KB)

Thanks for the quick response. Will check it out.

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