Unable to see work screen

Anyone having issues with Easel. When I open my saved projects they show in the preview pane however the working screen is blank. If I highlight the entire screen the project shows up as just blue squares.

I use firefox browser however it happens in IE as well.

Easel seems to be working fine for me using Chrome.


Brandon Parker


Thanks, I tried Chrome, same thing is happening.

When all else fails, try a power cycle…


Brandon Parker

When you select an item, including text there is a bounding box around each item.
Is the squares you are referring to?

If I did not select anything the work screen was blank. When I selected everything the only thing that showed was the blue boxes. Weird part is that it was showing in the preview screen.
This morning everything is back. Think I will back my projects up to my computer.

Sounds like depth is set to zero for those items.