Unboxing Carvey

Condition of the box. Maybe the crumpled corner has something to do with the damage to the the acrylic.

Smaller box inside

Inside the middle box was a caliper already out of its case and on.

Missing clamps are actually inside the unit.

Had the unit where I wanted and used a box cutter to cut down the box for recycling. I didn’t see the point in keeping the box. It would be more efficient to do the repairs on my side vs sending it back for repairs and incurring more shipping fees.

Trimmed off the cardboard and removed the foam by gently lifting from the bottom to release the strain. Bottom cardboard was removed the same way.

Cut the protective plastic with scissors and proceeded with taking off all the protective padding and zip ties.

Top side looks good. Front side has a crack. Check previous posting but you can also see 2 little white dots on the font left side. I peeled that part back a bit and noticed a small scratch/indentation. Looks like tool marks from the manufacturing stage.

Power plug with a strange label warning about lead.

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The damage to the outside of box does not look like anything unusual. The contents should have been fine.