Uncradled panel

Can I carve on uncradled panel with the xcarve? If so what bit do you recommend?

Are you talking not fastening the piece down?

Need more input :slight_smile:

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Sorry still new with my x carve. I have 12x12 and I think .25 thick. The uncradled panels are used to paint on. I was just wondering if I could carve out words on the material or will it splinter too much. And if I can what recommendations on the bit to use.

No it will be clamped down like any other piece of wood I carve on.

Will most likely carve okay.

I think people are getting confused with “uncradled.” I understand what you’re talking about - I assume it’s an art board? Some of those are laminated, so you’ll want to be mindful of that. They can splinter, especially the birch laminates. I’d give it a test cut, if it splinters too much you might need to switch to a downcut bit or possible cut through masking.