"Uncut Area"

I love using the check box for “Uncut Area” as it will show you what the naked eye may not. However, in my current project I am trying to cut a .25" hole and have found that by checking that box there is a very slight mark around showing a small uncut area. Now, is this going to cause a catastrophic issue, nah, but why are they there?

The only way I can seem to get rid of them is to add a detail pass using a 1/32 bid, but is that really needed? I know a detail pass will cut a smidge more off, but if there is no detail pass created, does Easel still under cut the 1/8" bit?

All kinds of ideas are going through my head!! Thoughts? - - Thanks Y’all, Drew

Not seeing an uncut area, did you click on simulate? the bit goes in and makes 2 revolutions on each step down to get your depth.


They are there because easel cannot do circles, or more precisely “arcs” instead easel converts them into segmented polygons, usually lots of segments, but bit size seems to effect the poly count sometimes… i always suggest performing tests with a few various sizes and checking to see which size design produces the desired size output when a dimensioned circle is required…

Or use a software that can do arcs, and don’t use easel as the sender either because the easel post processors do the exact same polygon conversion thing!


Thank you for the answer. I figured it would be a simple thing!!

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