Uncut areas tab

Is there anyway to come back a third time - after a 2 stage carve with a v bit to only cut the “Uncut Areas” red spots in my file?


Sorry what do you mean red spots? just re-run your detail pass to clean up?

Yeah kinda rerunning the whole detail pass is the only way I know…
but there shouldn’t be any red shown if your using a v bit though.

You could change the cut type to “inside the path” and run that and it would save a bit of time on that 3rd carve… that and/or increase the depth per pass to the max to get it to carve even faster :man_shrugging:

@SteveMoloney she means when you do the simulation you can check the box to see “uncut area” of any pockets and it’ll show in red where the radius of an endmill isn’t getting.

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