Uneven carve along the x axis

When I run my carve the letters and such at the far right are not as deep and defined as the letters on the left. They are the same font and set at the same cutting depth. I checked the spindle and it is square to the waste board, the x axis is level across the waste board. It does not happen every time. What am i missing?

Could be your material is not flat and also could be clamp preasure. You possibly could be pulling the material down more on one side or the other. Could be the waste board. Level is one thing and flat is another.


I have this problem as well. Some have told me to get a large (3/4" or bigger) and just run up and down the waste board to get it flat. I’m not sure I explained that well enough but I tried shimming one end of the waste board which worked for a while. Now I’m going to get a large bit and try flattening the waste board unless I chicken out.