Uneven cut

I’ve been having some uneven cuts where they start out to the correct depth but end up shallow or nonexistent. I thought the problem was my waste board so I resurfaced it and the problem persists.

What could be going wrong?

I’m fairly certain my piece thickness is exact all the way across. I used a template provided on easel.

Would it matter if my machine wasn’t level after the resurfacing?

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For the very best reaults when it comes to consistent depths is to surfwce the workpiece itself on the cnc prior to the carve or try out this shimming technique when sirfacinf isnt plausible…

But also if you havent reaurfaced the wasteboard recently. Seasonal changes to humidity in the air can cause it to change shape and need resurfacing. You can inpliment the shimming trick to see where any high or low spots are on the wasteboard itself as well.

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Appreciate the help, thank you!

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