Uneven cuts, x-carve not perfectly square

Don’t know if this the right place for it but had to move my x-carve to garage and turned it to fit through the door. Now it is off a little, which I believe is why it’s cutting wrong. When cutting the left side cuts deeper then the right side. Trying to figure out how to square these back up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you re-surfaced the wasteboard since moving it?

No I just got it, built in Dining room (a/c) then moved to garage. Would I have to do that with one doing 4 runs on it?

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Every cnc wasteboard needs to be surfaced upon initial build and routinely thereafter based on damage or seasonal movement caused by humidity changes which can cause swelling of the mdf and the surface could distort.

The last section of the calibration and maintenance section the manual briefly discusses surfacing and suggests it be done.

This is why you have cuts that are not full through On both sides.

The wasteboard needs to be parallel to the gantrys plane of movement and the best way to achieve this, to perfection, is to simply surface the wasteboard using the cnc itself.

Thank you for the help I will surface board, my other question is how do I get my x-carriage to tilt forward. I tried the four screws but it don’t move.

Well, it doesnt always need to be perfectly parallel, i suggest using the shaft of the spindle itself to gague the tram setting (after surfacing) and IF its out of tram i would loosen the screws at the far left and right end of that beam to allow it to be rotated, however it doesnt always need be adjusted into perfect perpendicular, but also if your wastboard is not yet suefaced, that will effect the accuracy of the base your square is sitting on and measuring against.

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