Uneven cutting

Set up to cut a pattern out seems to want to cut one side but not the other this is a sunburst effect so what am I doing wrong

‘what are you doing wrong?’

Not sharing enough information. Include a photo to illustrate what you’re doing.


im having the same problem mine cuts the top half but not bottom

We need more info. Pictures, share your project and paste the link here, something so that we have a clue as to what you are doing and trying to accomplish.

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Here’s the link from @Oldhyppy69’s other thread.
Looks like a very shallow depth of cut and possibly a warped piece of wood.
Is your router perpendicular to your wasteboard?

After looking at the pic in the thread @NeilFerreri1 posted here is what I suspect.

Plywood has a nasty habit of not being of consistent thickness across its surface,especially at the tolerances we all deal with.
Try setting your z axis just a frogs hair above the surface of the material and then jog it to the rear.
If the bit drags before it reaches the back of the material, or lifts away (with out the z axis moving up or down at all) the issue would be with the work piece thickness.

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