Uneven Depth

Good morning, I have been using my X-Carve for about 1.5 years and have noticed carves getting uneven depth. Carves are more shallow towards the zero point of the x and y axis and as it goes high and to the right, bits will plunge. You can tell very clearly from stars (see picture).

Any idea on how to get my machine back to consistent depths?

Have you tried replaning your wasteboard?

that is a sign that the top of the workpiece is not parallel to the spindle plane of movement.

The best fix is to use an oversized board, surface that board on the cnc, stain in place then carve and cut to size… shown here as a full flag, but this can also be done with the union only…

A 2nd best would be to surface the wasteboard and plane the workpiece.
And another option that works is to shim the workpiece level, like this.

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