Uneven roughing pass

When inspecting my roughing pass, I notice that it is not all even and smooth. It seems to only be in the locations where the bit plunges to the next depth of pass. I’m using an amana 1/4" downcut bit for the roughing
and an amana 60° bit for the detail pass. The marks are still present after the detail pass is complete. My speed 40ipm pungent is 20ipm with the depth per pass is .06.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Can you share a picture of what you are talking about?

Did you probe after the bit change?

I used the z probe for z axis. Probed in the same location for roughing bit and after bit change for detail pass.

Anything loose? I’d check your overall system for rigidity and ensure it’s nice and tight.

Thanks I’ll check that this evening.

I’ve found on mine that when the bit plunges into the material the Xaxis beam would rotate or flex a small amount. I found the Yaxis eccentric nuts to be a little loose. Now it’s nice and rock solid after tightening those up.