Uneven x-carve?

Hi there so Ive had my x-carve since Jan21 its been working solid for me. however I noticed somthing. last week I tried cutting a 24inch circle. and about mid way through the bit stopped making contact with the material and then dug in again. so there is a dip or something not staight? to be honest my homemade table for this unit is probably using some warped 1/2 plywood that I screwed down as a topper… could that be it?
Here are some photos of my initial cut, However on the 2nd pass it did go deeper. and Ive notice on some cuts through cuts dont always go deep enough but only on certain parts of the cut. This is the first time I notice that difference. I then while the machine was off lowered my bit to the table top and slowly moved my x and y axis… as I moved closer to the Front of the Xcarve home axes… the bit started to dig into the waste board there is a height difference…

Looks like you need to surface your wasteboard and get it flat.


I add card stock shims between the base rails and the waste board on mine

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I think I get what you’re saying here, it makes sense. Do you have any images you could share showing this in practice?

I do not but i think if you search flatting your waste board you will find plenty.

This guy explains it pretty good


Mine is within .001. They vary throughout the entire waste board. I didn’t want to surface mine as I like to reference the markings on the supplied waste board.