Unexpected pausing during carves

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I don’t know if this is related, but I’m having some strange pausing happening. This just happens at the beginning, runs great, then a little while in, pauses again. The project completes just fine, just seems strange.

Edit: uploading a video from my phone doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll get it up here in a bit.

Strange, I thought it might be a buffering related issue, but I remembered there were some recent changes. Freaks me out every time it pauses! Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to restart once the project is complete.

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Here’s the video of what was going on last night.

Try resetting your usb drivers.

That used to happen to me (not that long but intermittently for a few seconds throughout the cut) when I had a loose USB connection. Got a new laptop recently and it does not happen anymore.

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There was a communication bug in the Easel Driver that we fixed a couple versions ago, that caused behavior similar to what you’re describing.

@Rusty @PhilJohnson—can you guys download Easel Driver 0.2.6 or 0.2.7 from http://easel.inventables.com/downloads and see if you still see any strange pausing behavior? Thanks!

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I am having connection problem - my question is how to clear the cache without restarting windows?
If I my laptop (windows 7) hibernates then when I start Easel it will not communicate on com port, I always have to restart windows. it is annoying any hints please.

thanks I will try tomorrow.