Unhappy with this cursed order

I was so excited to purchase my machine and could not wait to get started with assembly. Right of the start one of my marker slides was damaged and the sent me a new one within two days, no problem it happens. Then getting farther into the build I realize the main x carve arm (with the logo) is warped. With customer service on the line i proved it was indeed this part warped with pictures and video with it on a flat surface and not right. They told me they have not seen this before and would put notes in. Day after I still have not seen anything about sending my a new piece. And to top it off I noticed they didn’t ship all of the bit sets I ordered! Idk what is going on with 2 out of three main metal rails deformed I’m at a loss. Everyone preaches over night shipping and I have what I’m told 5 days for the piece even though it isn’t even confirmed they are sending it.

I just inboxed my machine and was going through the parts and noticed they did not send 2 sets of bits I ordered :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: the V-bits you are missing are also one of them I am missing as well.