Universal G code sender. how to use?

New here to cnc and just got the x carve and got Triquetra touch plate. Any info out there on how to use UGCS? What does the soft zero button mean? Ect…

If you’re new to cnc, my recommendation is to use Easel. Have fun with your machine, before you give yourself a stroke trying to use UGS and G code in general.

I recommend using the Daily Build version.
The older version has a memory issues that will cause it to slow down and choke on larger cut files.

I avoid the “Return to Zero” button which returns to the Machine Zero, not the Zero you have set.
Generally the Machine Zero is the position it was in when you turned it on. Running a homing sequence is supposed to reset the machine Zero to the homed position, but that does not always work.
The reset zero button changes the Work zero to the current location. (This is stored as a offset value in memory different form the Machine Zero. So if you do anything to change the Machine Zero it may affect the work zero as well, but not always is a way that makes sense.)

The soft reset clears any errors that would have trigger a stop. By default UGS will start with the machine in a error mode. This is because you are supposed to home the machine. Working properly this will home all axis, reset the machine zero to the home position and clear the error.
If you don’t or can’t run a home sequence use the $x to clear the error.

When you use the jog button UGS changes to “G91” relative addressing mode, you need to be sure to put it back into “G90” absolute addressing mode when you run your file. It might do it automatically but I have had builds that didn’t so I make sure all my cut files have a “G90” command in them (I edited my post processer file to do this automatically as well as always set the units, just to be safe)

You can add your touch plate code to a macro button, which comes in handy.
The macro storage is pretty small so you put in just the code, each command separated by a “;”

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They should just change the “Return to Zero” button to “Kill a homing switch” and get it over with…

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Always put in the G90 ( like you said) and if you’re using Inch mode, make sure you put in the G20. Also, be careful not to jog in Inch AND metric, or you will break something, guaranteed.