Universal G-code Sender

I installed UGS last night. I can’t get it to work right so I went back to Easel to get some projects done. Now every time I try to do anything I have to unlock. I have tried re-configuring my machine in Easel and rebooted both the x-controller and the computer. I now have no movement at all on any axis

Any thoughts?

Did to through the x controller set up procedure? you check the com port and baud rates?

It may be:

If you have homing switches installed the controller will always start up in an “alert” mode.
You can clear this alert mode by perform a homing cycle ($H) or clear without homing ($X). I recommend $H.

You can check your controller status by opening up Easel Machine Inspector, press CTRL+SHIFT+D
It will display there what may be going on.