Universal G0code sender/Fusion 360 help please

Alright guys I ned to figure out what I am doing wrong because lol I am running out of foam to work with

Project: Okay I created this cross in fusion 360

In cam I did a roughing and finishing setup and the posted them to generic grbl with g28 removed

Now I open up Universal g code sender and here are my steps in trying to carve this

Roughing pass

  1. Toggle the machine to the work surface and zero the z axis on work surface
  2. toggle the machine up above the material and then jog machine to x and y position
  3. zero x and y position
  4. carve

Finishing pass

  1. once finished with roughing pass toggle machine over to work surface and replace the bit and zero z axis with the new bit on the work surface

  2. toggle machine above the material

  3. carve

Here are my problems:

When I do my tool change and toggle the machine above the material and hit send it starts carving with the wrong x and y axis and ruins my piece

I am not sure what i am doing wrong here I did notice that when i simply moved the machine over to zero the z axis I when I hit reset z it changed to 0 and the x and y stayed the same but when I raised the bit above the material with no x and y movement the x and y both changed to 0???

this doesnt make any sense and I think this is why my x and y were off when I hit send and started craving again

why did this happen??

how do I toggle the machine back to x and y 0 after the roughing pass is done? because it currently just stops where ever it finishes carving

any help would be appreciated thanks

What version of UGS are you using?

The nightly build clears up a lot of the silly homing issues I had with UGS.

I am using 1.0.9 ugs but I am not trying to home the machine right i deleted g28 from gcode and am not using the return to 0 function

I understand, I had some strange issues with the UGS 1.0.9. Your steps seem to be correct.

try this: http://bit.ly/1hftIhy

It is the nightly build. I use it for everything and have no issues with the axis losing themselves.

sweet man is that the 2.0 version?


alright so yeah all my steps seems to be correct though?

They appear to be correct. Just like I do it.

alright I will try it again I really like cutting on this foam I am running at 200 in/min lol thanks for your help let me try it really quick and I will see what happens

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seems to work so far got the roughing cutting now the visualize doesn’t work for me though:(

I never use the visualizer, so no clue.

it makes me feel like i have mach3 lol fancy pants!!

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ok roughing is done

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That is a whole lot of extra material you are cutting. you could probably cut cutting time down substantially by just roughing the cross with a little offset around the cross and then the finishing pass to come in and just do the cross as well.

yeah the file takes about 16 min to do currently I probably need to shorten that a bit

but I followed my steps with the new usg and it worked great thank you!!!

I am on the finishing passes now and everything looks to be going great

your a legend lol

Glad I could help!

I usually make a vector around objects like that and constrain my toolpaths to the vectors, cuts down on time a lot.

I think I got this part squared away but do you see how it looks like it is centering itself in the material? what do i need to do if I want to cut it all the way out?

I don’t use Fusion, but a third toolpath, profile toolpath, that goes through the material.

yeah thats what i was thinking to okay lol and do you use vcarve?