Universal Gcode Sender fails to hold values

I have been using the Universal Gcode Sender to adjust height, depth and feed. I am using it with my grbl board with my MPCNC machine. I find that the values that I put in with universal gcode sender do not hold. One or two cuts later and the values have changed. What is the the problem? Can I make these adjustments in Easel and bypass UGS?

Are you using the same Gcode file every single time, or do you notice that your settings change after running one particular Gcode file? Some Gcode files have machine settings in the header, which could be overwriting whatever you’re setting with UGS.

Changed how and what problems do you experience?

To get an inch depth movement on the Z axis, I have to set the $102=330.000. It will do find. I get out of the UGS and then go into Easel and make a cut or two. It is doing good. But then the next cut is shallow so I go back into the UGS and the $102=188.000.

Have you modified your Z axis in any way? I don’t remember the step/mm values off the top of my head, but if you’ve changed yours from what is default for the X-Carve, my guess is Easel is periodically “updating” your machine settings back to factory specs.

Are you running the machine setup in Easel?


How do you use Easel if you don’t run machine setup?

What happens when you click “Carve”?

Machine setup is a “first time operation” where the machine is defined in terms of direction, functionality etc. Once completed machine setup is not required again (unlesss you what to change something)

So next time you want to carve, simply click the green Carve button top right, it will guide you through the carve sequence.