Universal Gcode Sender Issue

Universal Gcode Sender boots up, identifies the com port, opens, but when I try to move Xcarve around using UGS, it gives the error: “Grbl has not finished booting”. I’ve tried waiting. I’ve tried some alternate start ups. I have read through a lot of messages on this forum. I am running UGS 2.0 (tried 1.09 also) with Java 8 on Windows 10.

If I turn off UGS and turn on Easel, everything works fine. Same settings for baud rate etc.

Note that UGS does not echo any settings back - it just says “connected to com3 @ 9600 baud”.

It would be really nice if Inventables posted a tutorial on how to use Vcarve with Xcarve. Correct me if I am wrong, but the only information I have found on how to get this to work is in this forum.

connect at 115200 baud.


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