Universal GCode sender macro

Need some help sure it is something stupid. in UGS how do i add more macros? mine has 5 and can’t seem to figure out how to get more? using V1.0.9 any help would be appreciated.

When you use up all that are showing, it will add more boxes. :wink:

lol seriously? hmmm going to have to check when i get in the garage

Not in version 1.0.9

Larry how is it done in 1.0.9? I have googled and looked around just can’t find a easy way to do

Interesting. I’ve only used the nightly builds.

I don’t think you can extend the number of macros in 1.0.9.

Guess a nightly build I will try

There can be issues, so keep track of what you download and try. Things break occasionally, so I just log that stuff and roll back to what was good.