Unleveled Waste Board

I haven’t noticed this issue until now but the center of my waste board seems to be lower than outer edges. I was attempting to do an LED sign on acrylic with a depth of .01 inches. The outer letters carved but the center letters do not show at all. Wondering how many people have noticed this with theirs and possible solutions? Still learning something new with this thing every time I use it. Thanks

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Phil has touche this topic several times.
All you need to do is use a surface bit.
3/4 in router bit works fine just be aware that its not a true surfacing bit.
it has a slight angle to it so your step over will have to be small. If not you will get ridges.

even with ridges, they will be level relatively to each other, so if you put stock on top it will be perfectly flat.

I just made a 12x24 edge lit sign, so I took a piece 3/4 MDF, 12x24 just for the acrylic to lay on, clamped the MDF to the waste board, did the super glue and masking tape trick to hold the acrylic and it turned out perfect. Then I waited till Saturday to mill the whole waste board.