Unlock motors?

How in the world do you unlock your motors in Easel Pro? I see an option only come up if you add a second bit and hit the carve button. but once I do that and hit the unlock motors button nothing happens. Machine is still locked out.

I have to close easel, restart easel, jog machine off limit switch, machine locks out again, shutdown easel, reload easel and now I am able to go about my carve.

any Ideas??

You should be able to unlock the machine without homing unless the limit switches are being activated. It is always advised that you home your machine when you start it up though.


Brandon Parker

Mr Parker thank you for the advice

I do home when I first start up. It locks out the machine and can not unlock unless I do the steps listed above

Feel free to call me Brandon…!! :grin:

Is the machine completely backing off of the limit switches after homing? If not then you might need to adjust $27 - Homing pull-off (mm).


Brandon Parker

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