Unnecessary Mods Thread

This thread is for all those mods we did for fun, with little to no functional benefit.

I’ll start with my RGB LED gantry lights.

Lets see them mods!


lol, that’s great! Really spice up those long cuts!

Don’t worry I’m gonna 3D print a replacement for that cardboard :smile:

Having a 3D printer is a HUGE help for working on a mill like the X-Carve. Custom printed cable chains alone are reason enough to get a 3D printer at the same time as a mill. I bought my [SeemeCNC Rostock Max V2][1] [1]: http://seemecnc.com/collections/3d-printers/products/rostock-max-complete-kit back when I bought my Shapeoko 2 and I have used the heck out of it for the mills since then. From the custom mount for the .8KW spindle, to the custom mounting for my chip removal system… The 3D printer has been an amazing tool for working with the mill. At the very least it also allows me to rapid prototype designs and double check fitment and such before committing to a long mill cycle in aluminum for the needed part.

Having both tools really opens up a huge range of projects that would not be as easy without one or both of the tools. The rapid prototype aspect alone has saved so much time and wasted stock by showing aspects of an object that might slip by in CAD alone.

My wife thought I was crazy when I bought the 3D printer before my first mill and even crazier when I bought the Shapeoko. But this summer alone has paid for both tools and so many more from simply 3D printing for others and milling projects. If used right both tools rapidly pay for themselves and then some!

I have to say. This thread is kinda pointless…

Not that I don’t think anything done is cool. But because. I thing you could do is unnecessary. It’s all cool. And needed.

:smiley: hehe awesome led lights. Right now my xc is nothing but form and function. Will be found something cool(I hope) once I am more comfortable with troubleshooting when there is an issue.

Lol I was hoping people would get the joke. All mods are necessary is all I meant.

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It’s all good, just thought it was a great opportunity to use that meme!

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