Uno and gShield testing

I’ve just received a genuine Uno and gSheild from Inventables. The first generic Uno/shield combo I bought went wrong when powering up. So, I’d really like to avoid that with this if possible.

I purchased the Uno unflashed, and have flashed Grbl successfully with testing in serial monitor.

Just to test motors etc. before installing, I’d like to find out if I have a correct understanding of how to proceed. ( I’ve viewed the video and documented instructions. )

I can tell how the gShield plugs to the Uno.

Do I need to have the motors connected?

Upon having the motors correctly connected, gShield correctly plugged to Uno, DC power supply un powered @+24 volts (verified with multimeter) and correct polarity connected to gShield… everything connected, with no live wires loose or to be connected still… DO I JUST FLIP THE POWER STRIP TO DC POWER SUPPLY ON ?

I know about motor coil pairs, no connecting ‘live’ wires, and no reversed polarity (regardless of wire color).



I would really like to make sure I don’t fry this board.

Not an expert but do not power up the shield without the motors connected - I think you can fry the stepper drivers, at least that is what I am told…


I guess I will just have to connect and document everything as correctly as I can verify, and try to power up to test basic movement before assembly.