Up and Down not working

I was in the middle of a cut when I came to find the x-carve stationary and not doing anything with the machine running. The up only works when I assist it up. The down doesn’t work now at all. I went through and downloaded the latest version. Plugged back in to see if this helped…nothing. Belts are secure and not too tight or too loose. Unsure what to do from here.

Does the stepper motor on your z axes have grub screws in it?


Problem fixed. Set screws had somehow backed out so I replaced them. New problem show the green power light not coming on despite the unit being on and the fan running. Was going to do the whole set up again and when it prompted me to turn the unit on and plug in the USB from the laptop to the unit, I did and it doesn’t see the laptop or the USB cord being attached. I opened up the unit to blow out any/all dust particulate. Unsure what to do from here.

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