Up and running-but having issues

Newbie here, I have a few questions/issues with the system. The X-Carve tests well, no problems. I tried the step by step Easel introducton and the carve went okay. I tried a new project and here are the issues I ran into:

  1. I tried to carve a word using a Script font and a 1/32 bit. The carve was into the center of my material so no issues with space. The rendering from the software before I carved showed that the bit would carve the full word, however when the project started, it only carved the letters after the first letter. What would cause that?

  2. Using the Dewalt 611 router, how far into the collet should I push the bit? Typically on my normal router I would push it all of the way until it stops, however the bits I received from Inventables have a colored collar, should I remove the collar before putting it in the collet. or is the collar used to set the length the bit should be pushed in?

  3. Is there a downloadable instruction manual for the X-Carve system that would show new users the basics of setting up the system? (Not assembly instructions) I am talking about basic items like correct use of the clamps, materials, bits etc.

Did it “air carve” the first letter? If so, it might be a wasteboard leveling issue, or maybe incorrect depth/Z=0 setting. If it didn’t even attempt to carve the first letter, but it showed up in the 3D preview, it could be an Easel bug. Can you share your project and a picture of the carve?

Push it all the way to the plastic ring. :slight_smile:

There are alot of topics made by the Inventables team in the Wiki section of the forum. Searching the forum, in general, is your best bet.

Not a manual per se., but @PhillipLunsford made a series of great videos. Sounds like some of them were generated by user questions. This is a good place to start.

Paw Paws Projects

I’m sure once you click on the link you can just navigate his youtube channel.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel. This is a playlist of all the xcarve videos

Thanks, the X-Carve sits on my workbench which is off level by about 1/16", so I don’t think that would be the problem., how much of an issue would that cause?

It did an air carve for the second letter but began to carve after that with the same problem, no first letter. I tried this same carve twice with the same results. I will check the depth.

As I stated, beginning a new journey with a new tool, I used to do all of this by hand held router

Thank you, I started watching his videos, very helpful. I guess my main issue is understanding the tool and the software, I’m used to doing all of my woodworking with hand tools and a hand held router.

1 - What matter is that the surface board is parallel to the Z height. Add a 2nd board on top of the original one and skim cut it, this will make the surface true in height relative to the bit.
A 3/4" bit is common for skimming, set stepover to 80% for the skim cut.

2 - If you cheat bit diameter for the “air carve” to half or quarter of 1/32", does it do the first letter?

@MoStych did a fantastic video. This might be another good source to watch.

Easel Live: Carving Bits 201

@HaldorLonningdal is getting you setup on the right path to level your waste board which appears to be the source of some of your current issues.

Good luck and stay with it. You will become a regular (or superstar) user in no time :):grinning: