Up and running

Still needs quite a bit of tweaking and adjusting, but so far so good after the spindle problems.


It looks like the TRUEX letters of the logo are pocketed. How did you paint the area around the letters so neatly leaving the pockets clean? So far I just paint the pockets and then sand off the paint outside of the pocket.

I used India ink with a small brush. I’ve bounced back and forth from that way and spraying it/sanding it off. The ink ends up looking better I think

 These are both done with india ink

That is a great technique, not sure I have the patience it would require to make it look as nice as you did.

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The ink flows and covers quickly.

Another technique, which I learned from @BartDring, is to cover the material in painting tape before carving, and then paint the pockets before removing what’s left of the tape.

Any tips on what type of tape works best when doing this?