Update display resolution of material

Easel team, firstly, wow… great software that has really allowed me to create a few great first test projects… it took the fear out of the first few cuts and now I’m flying along making sawdust.

I work in the visual effects industry and one of the things I noticed immediately was the resolution of the preview window is really really low. I understand a bunch of tech reasons why this could be the case, but it would be awesome to have the ability to create a “rendered” frame from the preview view that shows a better image prior to launching a lengthy carve. Those jaggies just don’t look great.

I’ve included an image for reference.



Yes, it leaves much to be desired. Hopefully they will spend more time to fix this.

In the meantime, you can go to Machine > Advanced > Generate G-Code and load the exported G-Code into a free software called CAMotics which does great simulations and renders.


CAMotics works very well, I use it all the time to verify my G-Code.

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Awesome! Thank you for the information.

Thanks, it even works on MacOSx.

Hey Phil, yes, all hands on deck for new advances with the software, but I don’t think the ship will sink if they devote a little time to making the GUI render a little more robust.

not yet :wink: