Updated the eccentrics! Loose v wheels

I cannot seem to keep my v wheels tight! I’ve had to tighten them 2 or 3 times since the upgrade probably 2 weeks. Longest use surfacing was board 32 minutes!

do you think the eccentric spacer/nut is rotating and loosening, or that the wheels are getting worn extra fast?

You could mark the eccentrics with nail polish or the like, I used to use it to mark screws after torqueing bolts as a visual indicator that the bolts were properly torqued (it dried faster than the standard “QA marking” stuff)… you could apply this and then you’d be able to see that the polish was cracked/sheared and the eccentric had rotated on its own :man_shrugging:

But The eccentric spacers are sandwiched in place, so possibly the screw to nut isn’t tightened properly, and that could allow the eccentric the freedom to shake out of place, so maybe tighten those as well.

Thank you I’m going to adjust them again in the morning reset the eccentric and then tighten the nut I’m going to snug it pretty tight this time!

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