Updated version of Halftoner - V1.7

I’ve updated the Halftoner program on my website: http://jasondorie.com/page_cnc.html

It now includes:

  1. An option to remove line numbers in emitted GCode
  2. An option to make Grbl / Easel compatible GCode (removes a bunch of codes for spindle, tool changes, etc)
  3. Optimizes the code stream when in Lines / Circles modes to remove redundant operations, meaning you have to send less data, and might cut faster.

(EDIT: fixed the broken link - sorry about that)

That’s it for now.


Hey Jason, could you check the actual download URL for v1.7? It gives a 404.

awesome. thanks for the update. I cant wait to give it a go

Fixed - my apologies.

I’ve used V1.6 and it is great, thanks :smiley: but V1.7 is giving me a Trojan:Win32/Sprisky.D!cl warning. D:

That’s got to be a false alarm. I run antivirus software on all my systems, and it’s current. It’s also a .NET applications, not a Win32 app, so that seems unlikely.

Yep… interpolation at last!

With V1.6:

Same file, same settings, with V1.7:

Thanks for implementing this feature request. Appreciation beer endmill is coming your way…


Hi, newbie here I already downloaded v1.7, but when I open it in Easel it doesn’t let me do the Simulate function. Is there a reason why? Thank You.