Updated Z-Cover w/ Knob

Hi Guys,

Couldn’t sleep last night and it was too late to run the X-Carve so I decided to redesign the Z-Cover Inventables posted. This one has the knob for the Acme screw to adjust the Z axis height. I know Inventables will be launching a nice aluminum cover with a knob in the future, but if you have a 3D printer there’s no need to wait. I designed it in 3 parts and with a touch of crazy glue to attach the knob and Nut_Rod piece you will be all set. I printed at 95% @ .30 Resolution but i’m sure you can go less on the infill. Unfortunately I didn’t have any black filament in house and had to use grey, but it works beautifully! I do need to get some standoffs and button head screws as Inventables used, but all and all it’s just what I envisioned. Hope you enjoy. I enclosed a video, a 3d viewer and the three parts, so keep scrolling down :smile: The audio isn’t great on the video, sorry

knob.STL (119.5 KB) nut_rod.STL (17.9 KB) Z-Cover.STL (113.8 KB)


Very cool.

Any plans for a threaded rod version?

I’ve got it on my to-do list. :wink: Problem is, it will take over an hour to print, and I hate stuff that takes that long. :laughing:


@NAM37 I don’t own the other version so I can’t do it, but I’m sure someone will if it’s possible.