Upgrade 500mm X-carve with makerslide


I need some information on upgrading my 500mm x-carve to 750 by 500mm. It looks pretty easy as I think I can buy a 750 makerslide and use the exist frame parts that came for the X-controller board. I think I can move the controller and get a longer belt then install the wider maker slide. I going up only a bit because this is in my classroom and i dont have room. Also I think it should be a cheap way to get more versatility.

So basically has anyone done a similar upgrade that can offer some advice? I think I can make the wiring work since Im only going a bit wider.

Any help is appreciated.

I upgraded from a shapeoko2 750 to Xcarve 750x 1000. Besides all the shapeoko to x carve upgrades, I replaced the belts, drag chain, wiring and extrusion on the Y. I ordered extra makerslide and general extrusion for the shapeoko and that bolted right in. I added more extrusion underneath to support the surface and add rigidity. After this picture was taken, I added a cnc4newbies Z axis. I’m about to add the risers and wider belts I bought as soon as time permits here.