Upgrade firmware question

OK, this may seem like a dumb question, but when I want to upgrade the firmware (I am on 1.0c) of my x-controller. So I see there is a function to upgrade the firmware in Easel but unlike most things that have firmware updating this doesn’t seem to hunt down the latest firmware and update it (like PathPilot on my Tormach or the firmware on my Form 3). Nor do I see a repository of binaries like on my Prusa here on the website to download to the controller. The article in the knowledgebase talks about refreshing (totally comfortable compiling source to an Arduino). Is that the preferred method? (e.g. treat the X-controller like a normal Arduino and compile the sketch to it off the git-repo) or are there precompiled firmware files somewhere on the Inventables website?

You can do it yourself, but I would allow Easel to upgrade the firmware when it recommends you do so. It normally goes off without a hitch and that will give you the latest firmware.


Brandon Parker

The 1.0c version doesn’t upport things like the feed rate override

Save any custom codes from the machine inspector ($$ will print them onscreen) you may have set in case things go south.

Inventables has their own “Inventables” version:

You would be fine with the GRBL source though.

Settings should carry over.

Sweet. Thanks. Update went smoothly. Hopefully now that I am on a version released in the last 4 years it will start watching for updates. And I now have federate override

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