Upgrade from SO2 - Z Axis Only

Hello, I have a SO2 with a DWP611 and Nema23 axis with ACME upgrade from Improbable Construct and Bosch Colt mount. I am thinking of moving to the XCarve but only for the Z Axis only. I would like to keep everything else in place from my SO2 but replace the top of my existing Z Axis with a pulley and belt system like on the X Carve so that I have more clearance for the DWP611. Will this work?

I just bought the XCarve Upgrade basic kit for my SO2. Now is the time since the regular price of $200 is marked down to $100 and you get a $50 gift certificate. With a net of $50 (plus shipping), I had to get it mainly for the gantry parts.

Yeah I missed my opportunity. Do you think the Z Axis only upgrade would work? I’m curious if the new Z Axis motor mount would work with the SO2 style Gantry. I think it might bump into the long M5 and Spacer Setup between the two motor plates. Thoughts?

I’m trying to picture exactly what you’re asking. The main things I wanted was the new x carriage extrusion (that eliminates all of the long bolts and spacers) and the gantry side plates which are more sturdy. I’m still working through the modifications. My next step is the z-axis parts. I don’t foresee any issues - just determining whether to use the motor mount that came with the kit or the one I got with the ACME upgrade I did a few months ago.

I upgraded my z axis, I had the acme upgrade from improbable construct before. The things you need are the z axis stepper motor plate from the X carve, a gt2 pulley for the stepper motor and one for the acme screw, you need the 80 teeth 6mm closed belt and m5 8mm screws to securing the bearing to the motor plate and the hardware to securing the nema 23 motor(I have the nema 17 so I reused the screews).I think you can get everything but the belt from inventables, I got my belt from eBay.

If you want to keep the lower plate with the bearing you will need to modify the motor mount plate, you need to expand the holes that mount to the maker slide forward because if you don’t do that the acme screw won’t be parallel to the maker slide and you will have binding issues.

Why did you change from the old setup? Just wondering because I just ordered my SO2->X-Carve upgrade and I also have the improbable construct acme upgrade, so didn’t purchase the Inventables version.

I didn’t got the xcarve upgrade kit from inventables, I only bought the z axis motor mount, x carriage extrusion, gantry plates and dc motor mount, i got all that before the black Friday deal.
I upgraded from my old setup mainly to take weight down from the gantry, to make more compact the z axis( I didn’t like having the stepper motor on standoffs) also because now its easier to align everything .

I’m primarily interested in getting more z travel out of the Z-Axis. also with my DWP611 in my SO2 setup, its tough to get the DWP611 in and out with the NEMA23 sitting above it.

My concern is that there won’t be enough clearance between the top of the X-Axis Gantry (SO2 design) and the bottom of the NEMA 23 motor with the new X-Carve Z Axis