Upgrade Instructions Challenge


so for me personally the advantage of working with a company from diy user to production business customer would be priceless. When I left the x-carve and ventured to a bigger more powerful machine I had to get in touch with a new company and basically start all over again

As business owner we like retaining customers so if different options where available to customers as they grow it only grows the relationship stronger.

lets face it when someone buys a x-carve or cnc machine there is always a thought in there mind “How much money can i make” or “how can i use this machine to make my existing business stronger”

currently imo the x-carve is a beginner diy machine that being said I love the fact that you are marketing so much to schools because as a teaching aid this machine is priceless for those schools I would love to see 15 750mm x-carves in a class room so students can learn how creating items work

but being a company that makes cnc machines you will tap into people that only want to make money with a machine and for a company to offer upgrades to there machine that will lead them all the way into a successful long term business that would be great

currently the x-carve imo is maintenance heavy and for me as a business owner I can’t be adjusting v-wheels all day long I just need to hit start and walk away. but when I was looking for a bigger more rigid machine I defiantly would have considered you if you had something available because because I learned off your machine

I know that was long winded but only way I knew to explain it lol

so whats it worth to me ? ALOT

That being said also I would like to see more training and talk about how to use the different end mills that you sell I think alot of customers don’t understand how to properly use them and get frustrated because there jobs dont turn out good I am working on some videos but I think alot of people could benefit on how to operate the machine better to retain the relationship with Inventables

I also see that you have a youtube channel and I would love to see a maker tutorial series on there showing projects and how to operate the machine correctly

alot of the videos on there are assembly videos

I upgraded mine last night before reading the guide… But I would say its spot on.

If i had to change anything it would be:

  1. Image size (i like big pictures. You know what they say… a picture is worth 1000 words)

  2. Consistent formatting. (I deal with technical documents all day at work… I can’t stand shoddy formatting :slight_smile: )

For those of us that will be ordering a complete kit and not just the upgrade, I hope there will be complete, start to finish assembly instructions.


When i wrote it in 2 hours flat i dont mind a little rough around the edges. plz leave side comments where u see the need for adjustment.

I tried to keep the belt engaged caused more issues than it solved.
I just used screwdriver handles to keep it propped up.