Upgrade kit: Have you done it?

I’m looking to hear opinions from those who have done the upgrade. How do you like it?

I have and really like it.

  1. Solid X axis is great.
  2. XController is great.
  3. Sideboard is meh
    3a) My top surface isn’t large enough for the sideboard
    3b) I didn’t see a clear path to reuse the old drag chain with it (but due to 3a and 3c, I didn’t really look)
    3c) My Xcontroller lives on a shelf below the Xcarve so my cables go through a cable grommet to the shelf, which was pre-existing so I didn’t need a new home for the Xcontroller to hide cables.
  4. If you have no other touch probe, the Z probe kit is nice.
    4a) The Z probe socket is nifty if you have an X carriage with the hole to support it and don’t have a dust boot blocking it. It’s convenient, for me at least, to be able to have an independent cable for probing that isn’t hard attached to anything.
    4b) The included wiring (socket to probe wiring) and block are sufficient for Z only probing. I used the cabling for 3-axis probing and while it worked, it was a bit tight.
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